Yearly garage sales in tiger year 2022

Most Chinese people organize and free up their space before the Chinese New Year, just like how our team does with our office. Before the Lunar New Year, we always hold a clearance sale, and this year marks our third year. We have a lot of product samples in different sizes or unpacked products just for photography or display. These products are all in good quality but did not end up in the sale eventually. And now it’s time to get organized!

It would be most convenient and cost-effective for the company if the stocks are removed and disposed of directly, yet most products are in good quality, not to mention that some are still new. It would be such a waste if we just dispose of the products without any defects.

Since our main sales channels are on the Internet, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to interact with customers directly. So this is a rare opportunity for us to chat directly with customers face-to-face and get first-hand feedback. After all, those who come to our physical store are mostly local residents, and so this also serves as a valuable way of interacting with our local community. What’s interesting is that although most of our customers are women, we actually met a few guys saying that they’ve made quite a bargain for the last few years in our sales and so they came again this year to look for good deals. 

In addition, we have a very special section this year, in which the products are not priced. These are often parts of a material, such as lids from aurora borealis jewelry try, or the doors of the mist cabinet that were separated during delivery. With a little creativity and imagination, we can transform it into a fresh new look (look how amazing the dried flowers are in it).

Moosy Life products usually last for a long time under careful use and maintenance. Through such activities, those that do not meet our strict sales requirements are once again utilized. We hope that every bit of resource can be used well. See you again for our clearance sale next year!

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