Creative Expo Taiwan 2021

Creative Expo Taiwan is about culture, creative and design. They collaborate with designers, creators and brands to meet people around the world.

This is our second time attending Creative Expo Taiwan. On the first time 2019, we met so many wonderful and creative brand. We also connected with agency from Korea and Thailand last time.

Moosy Life is exhibited at the Taiwan Cultural Expo from April 21st to April 25th in Warehouse 4 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The theme of Moosy Life is “one’s own room”, combining decorative and storage products to create a healing place for people to live in. New Women Space- the exhibition will also emphasize on women’s space where created by themself. 

We will have a completely different way to have this Expo. Most event will hold online and digital.

Creative Expo Taiwan collaborate with Pinkoi this time. Pinkoi is a great platform provide designer and brand in Taiwan to publish our work. Moosy Life have been a great design store on Pinkoi since 2017.

Pinkoi business will support all the shipping cost before the end of April, 2021. It provides a great opportunity for the owner of select shop to pick new brand, new product with lower barriers.

You can find most of Moosy Life product below.

Moosy Life – Design vendor | wholesale B2B platform
2021 Creative Expo Taiwan Brands – Design vendor | wholesale B2B platform

How to build ” A Room of One’s Own”

Activity Link – Accupass feat. Carol Li

We invite Carol Li to share the idea of ” A Room of One’s Own. The owner of Moosy Life, Melody and Karen discuss more afterward. We talked about how to treat one’w own room in this generation; how to create a stylish own room with organizing aesthetics; how to build a stylish own room with organizer and decoration.

There are around 150 people to join us. It’s lucky that we still have the opportunity to host activities like this in Taiwan. Thank you for all your participation.


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